About Chickadees


Right from the start, I knew the name of my gift shop would be "Chickadees." I have a connection to those lovely birds, beginning with my grandparents on through to my children. As our logo shows, one bird is flying and two are seated on a branch. The single bird represents our first pregnancy, which we lost in miscarriage. I pray to bring women opportunities to speak more openly of their own experiences of this. The other two birds represent our following pregnancies, a daughter and a son that we are grateful for every day. 

Chickadees Gift Shop is full of good things, giving our customers an opportunity to purchase meaningful gifts. We also offer Christian items, as many people want to share their faith with those they care about. Our shop items have been thought over carefully and priced affordably so that anyone is able to share how much they care for others by purchasing from Chickadees. Our gifts are a combination of local crafters and national chain lines. 

When you shop at Chickadees, you can see an item and hold it, knowing immediately the detail and quality. You also feel the appreciation we have of you for supporting our small business and local artists.

~ Stacey Walton